Domestic Freight Service
We can be used either as an agent of any carrier serving the destination you are shipping or by utilizing us as a carrier to avail the discounts
available through us due to our consolidation service or our substantial volume of shipments with the carriers. We are licensed by DOT (Domestic),
FMC (Sea International) and IATA (Air) as a Freight Forwarder/Broker/Carrier. Any Size/Weight of shipment, from Door to Terminal, Terminal to
Door, Door to Door Flexible but Reliable with Low Rates and Faster Transit Use us for 100 lbs / 45kg or more, of any Size/Weight of shipments
Pickup/Delivery are available From/To - Business, Port, Airport, Exhibition, Hotel, Residence etc.
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International Freight Service
Air & Sea Freight services are available to any destination in the world. AIR & SEAS is one of the few leading transporting company in
USA who can provide all the services in the Air or Sea Freight industry. We can be used either as an agent of any carrier serving the
destination you are shipping to or utilizing us as a carriers to avail discounts available due to our volume of shipments with carriers or by
utilizing our consolidation service.
Any Size/Weight of shipment, from Door to Port, Port to Door, Door to Door Flexible but Reliable with Low Rates and Faster Transit
Pickup/Delivery are available From/To - Business, Exhibition, Convention, Hotel &/or Residence.
Freight Forwarding
Shipper's in domestic or international commerce find us an integral part to their shipping needs. We, as being a licensed Freight Forwarder for
Domestic (DOT) & International (FMC & IATA) shipping, not only act on behalf of them in arranging transportation services but also facilitate
documentation & other related services required by them to complete their sales transaction. Regardless of Export, Import or within USA move, we
are familiar with rules & regulations of countries, their customs, methods of shipping, INCO terms and documents connected to foreign trade &
Household Goods Shipping
We are providing reliable Domestic and International Household Goods Moving Services with the help of our expert Professionals. The Proper and
Safe Packaging of goods is very much importance to us. To maintain the safety of the goods our personnel use high quality packaging materials
like wrapping papers, cartons, wooden boxes etc,. All the packing processes are done under the guidance of packaging experts. We provide
transportation of household goods by Air, Ocean and Road.
Customs Release / Customs Clearance
Leave your worries of customs & government regulations, documentation & requirements on our knowledge & experienced staff. The clarity to
regulations, their impact to carriers & others associated, options available to resolve or comply etc. are what we do. Customers customs brokers is
licensed by the US customs and acts on customers related details.
The first step is to process the release of customer's goods through US customs-in most cases electronically, but sometimes manually depending
on the carrier method of reporting. Your customs broker works with the carrier and customs to ensure the quick and seamless release of the
Cargo Insurance
Providing high quality insurance coverage for customer's shipment is our first priority. We are proud to offer primary cargo insurance with coverage
to the customer based on the actual value of customer goods from the leading A rated insurances, who specialize in cargo, freight, shipping and
moving insurance. We want customer to have peace of mind in knowing that their shipment is protected by a top rated insurer with the highest
financial ratings and claim payment history. Understanding of customer exposure and risk management, we offer innovative risk solutions by
selecting the best of our brokerage, administrative, recovery and claim expertise to satisfy our client's insurance requirements.
A leading Freight Transportation Solution Provider since 1989 in USA, Africa and Europe.
We deliver Your cargo - When You Need It and Where You Need It
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